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My computer, in case you care

Well, the one that I'm working on right now is an IBM Aptiva with an AMD 166 mhz processor, 32 mb of RAM, 2 mb of Video RAM, 56k modem, a 17" SVGA CTX monitor, 32 bit sound card, Canon Multipass C2500 printer, 24x CDROM, and a 2.1 gig HD. MY computer has a 2.1 gig hard drive, 4 megs of video RAM, a 12" monitor (hey, you take what you can get), 32x CDROM, 200 mhz Cyrixx chip, 28.8 modem, and a partridge in a pair tree.

Why I don't Like MACs: The Great Enigma of Cameron

Well, here it goes. Hmmm let's see. Why don't I like MACs? Well for starters they suck. Great. Now I suppose you want to know why they suck. OK, OK. Well for one, the name. Think about it "Macintosh". Sit in a darkened room for awhile. Light some incense, listen to some Pink Floyd CDs. You'll understand. Another reason could be that they aren't compatible with ANYTHING else except another MAC and maybe a UNIX box. Oh, and if you want to upgrade your machine, you have to go directly to the manufacturer. Which, using MACs, they will probably screw up your order, because if you even so much as sneeze at their computers, they crash. Everything is gone.

And let me tell you about those iMACs everybody's talking about. Never EVER let me catch you buying one of those. Here's the problem: besides total propriety (having almost total control over a computer system by a company), there are other several problems that imac users face. 1, just look at it1 2, if something happens to the monitor, EXPENSIVE or you you might just have to replace the whole thing. I'll have more on this later as details come in to my office.