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Shit you should know | Location | Contact Info | Pictures (post 7-27-03)
WEMF 2003 proud Irish Klan Venture

WEMF 2003 will be held July 25-26-27 in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada

Driving Directions from Detroit/Windsor
* Take Highway 401 East through Toronto (Just Past Bowmanville)
* Exit the 401E at 115 North
* Right on Hwy 35 (To Lindsey) from 115 North
* Highway 35 to Highway 7 (not 7A, not 7B)
* Right on Highway 7 and less than 1km to Highway 36
* North on 36 (Bobcaygeon)
* Enter Bobcaygeon on 36, Pass Tim Horton's and cross over Bridge
2nd Left at Firehall (turns into North Street Firehall)
* Through Stop Sign on North Street
* Follow North Street Out of Town approximately 1.5 kms
* Right on Coshs Road You will be greated by a WEMF representative who will direct you where to park

Store/Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am -5pm

Our Company * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234